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We are a private pediatric practice, serving children and their families in the D.C. metro area since 2006. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals offer evaluations and assessments, as well as occupational, physical, speech-language, and feeding therapy services for children from birth through childhood. We work with children to help them move, play, and speak—with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes. We’re a highly skilled and experienced team of pediatric therapists dedicated to giving children the opportunity to reach their potential.

We are leaders in providing quality pediatric therapy services.

To schedule an appointment, or to discuss your child’s needs and how we can help,
please call 202.525.1641.

Learn more about how our dedicated team of physical, occupational, and speech-language therapists can help your child MovePlaySpeak AND Eat at his or her maximum potential.

Our team is dedicated to…

Helping Children MOVE at their maximum potential.
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Helping Children PLAY at their maximum potential.
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Helping Children SPEAK at their maximum potential.
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Helping Children EAT at their maximum potential.
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Empowering PARENTS to be central to their child’s developmental progress.
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EDUCATING the next generation of Pediatric Therapists.
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