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Feeding Therapy.

Our team is dedicated to helping children EAT at their maximum potential.


eatMealtime is a critical developmental process that provides far more than nourishment for children. From infancy, children’s first demonstration of self-regulation, socialization, communication, and motor coordination are practiced routinely during mealtimes. These skills continue to develop as children age, advancing in textures and independence with self-feeding. Interruptions in a child’s ability to participate in the mealtime experience can be a very difficult time for the family and the child.

Our team of feeding therapists are experienced in treating a wide variety of feeding disorders including:

  • Food and liquid refusal
  • Choking, vomiting, or gagging while eating
  • Oral sensorimotor challenges
  • Gastrostomy Tube (G-Tube) or Nasogastric Tube (NG Tube) dependence

A feeding therapist requires ongoing collaboration with the child’s family, caregivers, medical team, and other therapists. Family participation is a crucial part of our programming. We complete a thorough assessment of your child’s current abilities, review pertinent medical information, and interview the family to develop a treatment plan that establishes goals to help your child enjoy mealtime safely and as independently as possible.

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